Saturday, April 2, 2011

a good time had

A few weeks ago, my dad came to town to visit. It was a blast. We went out for pizza, browsed the guitar section of a music store, bummed around half price books, and had our very own little cookout.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Isn't Fair

There are a lot of things I don't understand about this world.. the biggest is why horrible things happen to great people.

I have the best friends on the planet. I know that's a cliche, but I proudly proclaim that I really do have friends in my life who I consider family. Even though they aren't flesh and blood, they are my brother and sister, they'll be an Aunt and Uncle to my children, and more than once (or even two, three, and four times) they have scooped me up out of the pit of despair, dusted me off, and glued me back together.

So why is it that these wonderful people who would do anything for a friend, give freely of themselves, and genuinely care about others are constantly dealt the hardest of heartbreaks? This I don't know. I don't know why the world is so cruel. I don't know why some suffer more than others.

Whatever the reason, my heart goes out to you two. I'm here for you in any way that I can be. Just like everything else, we will get through this. I like to think we're getting all of life's heartbreak out of the way now so that we can have many decades of pure joy ahead. Who knows?.. but here's to hoping.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I used to think I was a pretty good judge of character, but I bet if you asked any one of my friends they'd tell you otherwise. The truth is, I always think people are mostly good. I think they will do the right thing, make the right choice, and most of the time, I'm incredibly shocked when things don't play out the way I expect them to.

For me, it's hard to pinpoint the character of someone I haven't known for years. There are a few people of irrefutably good character such as Mother Theresa and Jesus, and of course on the flip side of the spectrum we have murderers, thieves, and the like. The reality is, most everyone else falls into the gray area.

So, how can you tell? Is it based on one small action. . . the culmination of a series of poor or excellent choices? Is it a lifetime of behavior weighed by a higher power at the end of it all? What is character, and how do we classify ourselves?

I like to think I'm a good person. I try to do the right thing, be kind and compassionate to others, and live an honest life. But for as many times as I've been hurt, I'm sure I've done my share of hurting. And as hard as I might have tried, I know I've ended up on at least a couple of "misjudged" lists in my day.

I think in the end, you can't truly and completely judge a character. What you can "judge" is a glimpse- a mere moment in time of knowing someone. Maybe they were having a bad day, bad month, bad year. Is it really fair to write someone off as having poor character based on one or even a few experiences? Maybe. I have a friend who can predict the character of someone after speaking with them for only a short amount of time. And honestly, she's spot on 99% of the time.

For me, a person not gifted in the field of character judging, that would mean assuming everyone is horrible and walking through life hopeless and discouraged- waiting to be jilted, short changed, screwed over. The truth is, I just can't do that. I will continue to believe that people are good. I want to be hopeful and optimistic, even if it means ending up with a few more broken hearts or battle scars.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

I'm just going to start by saying I'm glad that 2010 is over. It brought many changes, endless heartache, and a definite finality to the life I thought I was going to have.

2011 is here, and I'm ready. Bring on the good, the new, the exciting, and the happy.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally Fall!!

I finally got off of my lazy behind and finished putting out the fall/Halloween decorations! I love love love this time of year!

I also bought a new stove top tea pot. It has an awesome whistle and everything! I was inspired to get one by my friend Katie on Friday while we sipped peppermint tea in her studio.

I am totally pumped for the seasonal celebrations to being, and even though I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.. it's possible I'm already scouting a place to put our Christmas tree! :)


Monday, October 5, 2009


Perhaps you have heard of the 101 in 1001 phenomenon sweeping the net? Well, thousands of people across the world have embarked on goal setting projects- the idea being to complete 101 separate goals in 1001 days. Read more about it here.

I really love the concept of setting goals and doing things that you have always wanted to do, but unfortunately, I have too small of an attention span to set goals lasting for 2.75 years. So, I am going to work on a smaller scale. Introducing the 30 in 30 days plan! I am going to set goals I can complete in roughly a month- some simple, daunting chores I have been putting off.. some conceptual goals. The thing is, we all have "I'll do that later" lists. But later never comes.. and life always gets in the way. I hope to start a new list every 30 days and maybe even work up to a 1001 plan.

Here's my first list. I start tomorrow! Goals can be completed in any order.

1. wash my car
2. clean out my car
3. workout three days a week- every single week
4. make dinner at home Monday-Friday (cereal counts!)
5. refrain from eating fast food of any kind
6. take all of my meds/ vitamins everyday
7. go through my closet and make a donation pile (and then donate the pile!)
8. do my hair (for real) at least once a week
9. get my oil changed
10. read a book on my list
11. revamp one piece of furniture
12. finish sewing the kitchen curtains
13. have coffee with a friend
14. call extended members of my family just to chit chat
15. do something outside at least twice
16. carve a pumpkin
17. be more positive about a certain situation in my life
18. finish upholstering the ottoman
19. work out a savings plan
20. shoot at least one roll of film in my SLR
21. learn a new song on the guitar (all the way through!!)
22. drink at least 64 ounces of water daily
23. go to bed earlier (10:30- no tv) during the week
24. update my blog at least once a week
25. wash my puppies twice
26. organize the piles of mail and create a filing system
27. pack my lunch everyday
28. make a list for the next 30 days
29. create a savings jar
30. have some actual savings in it by the end of the month :)

I'll come back and check them off as I go. Wish me luck!

<3 Sarah

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Engaged? Know someone who is??

My lovey friend Katie is having a fabulous letterpress wedding invitation suite giveaway! Her work is beautiful, so get on over there and enter. All you need to do is leave a comment! Good luck! :)